Public Project


Combining Autonomous observations and Models for Predicting and Understanding Shelf seas – CAMPUS


CAMPUS has the following objectives:

1. Deliver improved evidence base for compliance with EU directives and strategic planning of marine use. This will require a step change in communication and exchange between observing systems and model systems, including optimising the use of data for assimilation, evaluation and development of model systems. Specific indicators of success will include improved prediction of episodic events, in particular the spring bloom, HABS and oxygen depletion, as well as an improved prediction of interannual variability.

2. Identify a cost-effective fit for purpose optimised observing network and the priority actions required to achieve this. This will result in a step change in efficiency and utility of UK observing systems, and including a consideration of the key spatial and temporal scales of variability. The indicator of success will be a recommended observational strategy, evaluated by a pilot study conducted during the project.

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Matthew Palmer Principal Investigator