Morwyn to Caribbean

Autonomous Sailbot's attempt at transatlantic crossing

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  • PI: Mark Neal
  • Part of Aber Sailbot
  • Began on 2016-09-10 (2275 days ago)
  • Last Updated 2017-01-06 22:28:10
  • Finished on 2016-09-18 (2267 days ago)

Morwyn is a maxiMOOP (1.2m) sailing robot that has been deployed to attempt an Atlantic crossing. The maxiMOOP was conceived and built as a development of the smaller MOOP sailing robot originally developed at Aberystwyth University. The re-design and scale-up was  made by Paul Miller of the US Naval Academy and a number of the robots have been built, tested and deployed. Morwyn was built by Paul during the time that he spent at Aberystwyth. Morwyn was launched immediately after having competed in the 2016 World Robotic Sailing Championship (in which she came 2nd in her class) in Viana do Castelo in Portugal. She is propelled by a single trapezoidal sail. She has a total of 10W of solar panels mounted on deck to provide power for the navigation, communication and actuators and is controlled by a pair of ATMEL microcontrollers: one for actuator control and navigation and the other for communication and data logging. She is recording air temperature, water temperature and water conductivity at 30 minute intervals onto an internal SD card. Tracking is via a completely independent SPOT tracker powered from a large external battery with an expected lifespan of more than 7 months. Due to a deployment error the Iridium modem on-board is currently inoperative and is likely to remain so for the duration of the deployment.

Figure 1: Morwyn after deployment

Figure 2: Morwyn just prior to deployment

Vehicle Activity

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