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  • PI: Stephanie Henson
  • Part of GO-CART
  • Began on 2021-01-31 (781 days ago)
  • Last Updated 2021-07-08 10:36:55
  • Finished on 2018-01-28 (1879 days ago)

This deployment continues the sequence of deployments under the GOCART project, and is jointly sponsered by GOCART and iFADO.  We will deploy one Slocum glider near the PAP site (costed in this ADF) and 2 Seagliders on behalf of US colleagues in the EXPORTS programme.  The glider needs to be equipped with T, S, oxygen optode, PAR and the 'GOCART' triplet puck with chlorophyll and 2 backscatter wavelengths.  The glider will be deployed from DY130.  The plan is for the gliders to track an eddy as it moves away from the PAP site.  The Americans will be (mostly) determining the glider waypoints, so close contact and co-ordination with the American team is planned.  Other than that, the deployment should follow the protocols of previous GOCART deployments (with regards to sampling frequency etc).  Recovery of the gliders will take place either at the end of DY131 (US-led EXPORTS cruise) at the end of May or from JC215 in early July, depending on battery life, glider performance etc. (Recovery on JC215, which is a trials cruise, has been discussed with Eleanor D.)
We request that a suitable trained NMF tech sails on the deployment cruise (rather than specifically a MARS tech).  It's planned that Filipa Carvalho will be part of the science party and will assist in deployment.  We don't require a MARS tech for recovery, as suitably qualified scientists will be on DY131 and hopefully crew/techs with relevant experience will be on JC215.

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Dolomite 2021-03-31 (721 days ago) 2021-06-01 (660 days ago) No Data Yet
sg219 2021-03-31 (721 days ago) 2021-05-30 (662 days ago) No Data Yet
RRS Discovery 2021-03-31 (721 days ago) 2021-04-14 (708 days ago) No Data Yet
sg237 2021-03-31 (721 days ago) 2021-05-30 (662 days ago) No Data Yet