Echosounder/PAM engineering trials

  • Public Mission
  • PI: scaw
  • Part of EUMR
  • Began on 2021-06-18 (218 days ago)
  • Last Updated 2021-07-25 10:13:13
  • Finished on 2022-01-01 (22 days ago)

Trial funded by EU Marine Robotics Trans National Access mechanism.  Dan Hayes (Cyprus Subsea Consulting) has been provided access to NOC Ogive Seaglider for the deployment.  Dan's team will integrate an EK80 and OceanSonics icListen HF PAM into the glider and it will be trialed from the DY132 BLT cruise.

Vehicle Activity

Vehicle Deployed Recovered Last Update
RRS Discovery 2021-06-18 (218 days ago) 2021-07-29 (177 days ago) No Data Yet
Eltanin 2021-06-18 (218 days ago) 2022-01-01 (22 days ago) 2021-07-25 10:13:13 (182 days ago) No Public Data Available